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  1. EA Sports released a new World Cup Challenge SBC called FIFA World Cup Challenge Japan to FIFA 23 Ultimate team mode, giving you a chance to add a rare gold pack to their Ultimate Team squads. The Asian team came from behind to beat two European powerhouses, Spain and Germany, to finish top of their group. The new Japan SBC is quite useful for players looking for some easy ways to add good cards to their FUT squad. With the new World Cup Icons and the Stories promos active, lucky gamers can even pack unique cards from those. Complete this FIFA World Cup Challenge to earn a reward! [Untradeable] NON- REPEATABLE! World Cup Challenge Japan SBC starts on Friday, 2 December, and ends on Monday, 5 December, which means you only have three days to complete the SBC, so grab it while you can! 1. How to complete FIFA World Cup Challenge Japan SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? You only need to submit one squad to unlock the pack. FIFA World Cup Challenge Japan SBC Requirements: First Owned Players in the squad: Minimum of 1 Number of players from Japan in the squad: Minimum of 1 Clubs required in the squad: Minimum of 3 Rare cards in the squad: Minimum of 1 Player Card Quality in the squad: Minimum Silver Chemistry Points required: Minimum of 14 Rewards: 1x Gold Pack (Tradeable) Estimated Cost - 3,500 - 7,000 FUT coins across all platforms 2. Is it worth completing the FIFA 23 World Cup Japan Challenge SBC? The FIFA 23 World Cup Challenge Japan SBC Challenge is fairly inexpensive and allows players the possibility of gaining some valuable rewards that will be quite useful to their FIFA 23 squad. It is also fairly easy to use more fodder considering the requirements, and will therefore bring the cost down even further. The Gold Pack will be very useful for those looking to add players and items to their squad. Overall, the SBC is quite viable for those FIFA 23 players who have a lot of fodder to deal with, as the challenge has the potential to reward them well in return. That's what this article is all about! See U4GM for details. You can buy FIFA 23 coins at U4GM, which is a professional website. Come and buy!
  2. EA Sports has released the third set of World Cup Showdown SBCs in FIFA 23 featuring Mateo Kovacic and Leandro Trossaud. The showdown revolves around the upcoming clash between Belgium and Croatia at the World Cup, which will decide the fate of the Group F nations. Trossard has been given a boosted item to mark his upcoming 2022 World Cup match against Croatia in Qatar. He has been given a +3 upgrade from 82 to 85 for the TOTW item. Here is the cheapest way you can complete this FIFA 23 Trossard SBC! 1. Official Stats Leandro Trossard WC Showdown Leandro Trossard's World Cup Showdown card is rated 85. He is 171cm | 5'7" tall, right-footed Belgium midfielder (LM) that plays for Brighton in Premier League with High/Med work rates. He has a 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves. He comes with an Explosive AcceleRate type. He does not have a real face in-game. Leandro Trossard has 3 special cards with ratings between 79 and 85. Trossard has obtained a vital boost to his base card stats: +6 Pace, +6 Shooting, +7 Passing, +6 Dribbling, +7 Defending, and +8 Physical. 2. How to complete the Leandro Trossard SBC in FIFA 23? Leandro Trossard WC Showdown SBC will expire on December 1. To unlock the 85-rated Showdown card, you need to submit two squads. Requirements SBC Leandro Trossard WC Showdown Belgium Players from Belgium: Min 1 Squad Rating: Min 83 Players in the Squad: 11 Price: 25 K Reward: PREMIUM GOLD PACK Premier League Players from Premier League: Min 1 IF Players: Min 1 Squad Rating: Min 84 Players in the Squad: 11 Price: 50 K Reward: GOLD PLAYERS PACK Earn a Showdown Leandro Trossard from Croatia vs Belgium in World Cup 2022! 3. SBC Leandro Trossard WC Showdown solution Belgium Premier League This is just one of many solutions that can be used. 4. Is it worth completing Trossard Showdown SBCs in FIFA 23? This card has merit and will be valuable to any FUT team. Trossard has the pace to be an incredible winger in the game's new meta. However, it also comes at a high price, but FUT fans can make these SBCs much cheaper using the non-tradable cards in their clubs. Trossard can also be upgraded depending on the game's outcome, making it an even more enticing SBC. That's what this article is all about! See U4GM for details. U4GM is a professional website that sells cheap fifa 23 coins xbox one. U4gm provides players with FUT coins at the cheapest price. We will continue to uphold the concept of "Quality Service" to provide better products and services to every customer.
  3. EA Sports has launched another World Cup-themed SBC in the form of the 80+ FIFA World Cup Player Upgrade SBC that will provide great value and rewards upon completion. So unlock some greatly upgraded players for your ultimate team! EA Sports released a variety of World Cup-themed content, including the World Cup Swaps promo. The 80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade Squad Building Challenge is part of this promo. Overall, the World Cup Swap is a valuable event as players can get access to player items and packs. This promotion is a dream come true for those interested in investing time and effort into FUT. Fans can earn seven 80+ upgrade packs for FIFA 23 by completing the SBC once a day for the next week, after which these upgrade packs will expire. In addition, these packs also offer three World Cup players with a rating of 80 or above, increasing the chances of finding a meta inside. The 80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade SBC starts on Saturday 19 November and ends on Saturday 26 November, which means you only have one week to complete it, so there's no time to waste. 1. How to complete 80+ FIFA World Cup upgrade SBC in FIFA 23? The 80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade SBC Requirements: Player quality: Minimum Silver Players: Exactly four Reward - 1 x 80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade Pack Estimated Cost: 2k 2. SBC Solutions You can use the following players to complete the 80+ Upgrade SBC: 3. Is this SBC worth completing the 80+ FIFA World Cup upgrade? Considering how useful these new World Cup cards are in the progression of FIFA Ultimate Team, the latest SBC is an absolute bargain for what it costs. Not only are these cards necessary to complete the World Cup swaps objectives, but collecting a large number of them also gives players special rewards at the end of the event. In addition, collecting these cards allows players to move up in the rankings of the World Cup Collector's Book released by EA, which rewards FUT fans for participating in the event. This means that the more World Cup cards you obtain, the better the items you will receive at the end of the event. That's all for this article. If you are also a fan of the popular FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, check U4gm. U4gm has cheap FIFA 23 coins for sale. U4gm.com is a safe and secure store selling FIFA coins for ten years, providing cheap prices and the fastest delivery. You can buy the cheapest FIFA 23 Coins on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for sale from trusted and reputed sellers. Yes, no hacks, cheats, or generators. Come and buy and enjoy your game!
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